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Modern UPVC Windows and Doors are typically maintenance-free and can last decades, however, from time to time you may witness your windows being “misty” or “foggy” and causing condensation, but if your units are misted up don’t think you have to change all of your double glazing frames, it most cases it’s only the glazing unit that needs replacing.

1st Glass Installations can supply and fit double glazing units of all shapes and sizes, both standard and bespoke sizes are available, we offer free quotes so give us a call today and discover how inexpensive replacement units really are.

Replacing faulty double glazing units is the only way to 100% resolve the issue, there are some companies who claim they can drill toughened glass to carry out a repair, but our replacement units carry a fully guarantee.

There are companies within the industry right now that claim they can repair your existing misted up glass Units by drilling holes into the unit and injecting chemicals through the holes which absorb the moisture within the unit this remove the fog and condensation which has built up within the unit. Once the chemicals have been injected the holes are then sealed with plastic valves. Not only is this very messy, but how can they drill into toughened glass?

No as the moisture and condensation between the glass may initially appear to have been removed the seal on the double glazed unit is still broken. This means the cause of the initial failure will still be allowing air and moisture to be sucked into the Double Glazed Unit.

The anti-moisture granules (similar to the silica gel found in new shoe boxes) within the spacer bar of the double glazed unit have already been saturated with moisture and are now useless. While initially this looks like the problem has been solved, in actual fact it’s an expensive temporary fix.

As the moisture leaks in between the panes it will undoubtedly leave streaks between the panes. Not only does this leave annoying streaks but the inflow of moisture allows an invisible build up of bacteria to grow in between the 2 panes.

With a repair the underlying problems are still there. Not only is it more cost effective and a lot cleaner to replace the misted up sealed unit, it is far less labour intensive and will work out more cheaper in the long run.

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